Sunday, February 10, 2019

Mr Sticky Comics

Welcome to Mr Sticky Comics

Hi, I've been redesigning this blog trying to add more stuff.
The Finished Comics and Incomplete Comics are available
however the scripts are not finished and will be on their way.
Also I'm planning on making an actual website for my comics
but first have to learn html and all that jazz. The site
will likely be very basic at first but once it's done I will
a post a link to it here.

WARNING: If you find my comics offensive don't read them.
All comics here are recommended for ages 18 and up.
If you have any questions on the content of any comics
please leave a comment below.

Finished Comics

Incomplete Comics

Scripts and Future Projects


Bonus Material and Fan Art







  1. Hey thanks for the comment smoke.
    It was stopped partly due to limited funds and also because the artist was busy with other things I suppose. It was pretty disappointing because now I just have this incomplete comic. I do plan on finishing it later and getting an replacement artist that can match the style and fix up the pages but right now I'm working on another comic.