Sunday, November 6, 2011


Al Arcand---The creator/manager of this blogspot and the author of all the stories on this site.
He is an aspiring comic book writer and is working on several different projects while trying to
make this blogspot as awesome as possible while having limited funds to work with. (I'm poor XD) He draws and writes the Mr. Sticky comics series which he created when he was in the sixth grade along with his friends.

His finished works include

"Mr. Sticky: The Street"
"There's A Dead Cat On The Line"

His incomplete works include

"Tiny Sticky and the Wizard of Troz"
"Chain Mail Order Bride"

His scripts and future projects include

"Rule 27"

Geoff Mosse--The artist for "Counting"

His completed works include


Anthony Pierno--the letterer for "Counting"

His completed works include


Mandy Lewis--the artist and letterer for "There's A Dead Cat On The Line"

Her completed works include

"There's A Dead Cat On The Line"

Edwin Chavez--the artist for the (incomplete version) of "Chain Mail Order Bride"

His works include

"Chain Mail Order Bride"

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