Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Al Arcand aka Mr. Sticky 005

Al Arcand, otherwise known as Mr. Sticky or Mr. Sticky 005
(said as double oh five) is the creator of Mr. Sticky Comics,
the Mr. Sticky character, and pretty much anything else that
has to do with the stick figure with no eyes. He is also the
author of all the comics and stories seen in this blog as well as
the artist for Mr. Sticky: The Street and Tiny Sticky and the
Wizard of Troz. The latter comic is a remake of a comic of
the same name created by Al Arcand and his friends Brian
Latzer and Matt Gauer (the creator of Conspiracy Joe) that
they had created in middle school. Al is also the creator
and manager of this blogspot. Al is an aspiring comic book writer
who hopes that someday you will be foolish enough to buy his
faulty goods. Just kidding. Al was born on September 14th 1988
and lives somewhere in the Western Hemisphere. Specifically
the United States of America. The comics that are not drawn by
Al are drawn by the artists he hired or who had agreed to draw
without up front payment. Al is currently working part time at
Old Navy which is just a cover up for his real job of a super spy.
Al is constantly searching the globe to find out where in the world
is Carmen Sandiago? Unfortunately, such information is classified
and Al is not at liberty to say.

If you have any questions or comments for Al Arcand either
comment on the blog itself or use the contact form on the main
page. Depending on what you send and how busy Al is with his
life of top secrecy and peanut butter crunch (the best cereal ever)
will determine how long it takes for Al to respond or just
completely ignore you. :)

Hope you enjoy the blog. I'd get a site but I'm not rich.

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