Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Demon's Lyre


This story contains many Christian themes, imagery and allusions. If that upsets you DON'T read it. However it should be noted that the story is not meant to be taken as strict theology.
In other words the story is not meant to convince anyone one way or another of the matter
of the Christian religion or any other religion or belief or lack thereof for that matter.
The story is above all else meant to entertain just as any other comic should do. Any other purpose is unintended by myself the author and creator and all others who worked on this project. Put simply this story is not meant to be a tool for evangelicalism or anything of that
sort. I simply wanted to write an entertaining Christian story. If you can deal with that
and not get upset over what I do and do not have in this story then I invite you to
read this story and hopefully by the end of it you will be entertained.

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