Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Python Rogue Gang


"The Young Teacher"
Rank: Secret Boss
Rank Description:
Controls the entire organization.
"The Young Teacher" is the alias
of the true identity of the Secret Boss.
Nobody, not even in the organization,
except for themselves knows who they are.
Just as the proxies act as if they were the
real "Young Teacher" the reverse is true.
The real "Young Teacher" is a proxy too.

Proxies of "The Young Teacher"
Rank: Final Boss
Rank Description:
Controls a division of the organization
They act as if they were the true
"Young Teacher" or Secret Boss but
in reality also take orders from the
Secret Boss. Decisions affecting the
whole group are usually decided by
a majority vote with each proxy
acting as the representative for
their division. However the real
Young Teacher or Secret Boss
can override the majority's vote.
The Secret Boss uses the Mini Boss
as a mouth piece to prevent his
or her true identity from being revealed.

Rank: Mini Boss
Rank Description:
The Mini-Boss does not give any orders
of his or her own but instead gives advice
to the Secret Boss and Final Boss. Each
Secret Boss and Final Boss may have their
own Mini-Boss depending on their preference.
The Mini-Boss also acts as a mouth piece
from the Secret Boss to the Mini-Boss

Rank: Baddies
Rank Description: Lowest level official member.
They perform the actual dealings of the group.
Baddies may organize themselves in smaller
groups but cannot give orders of their own
that would violate the orders given to themselves.
Each and every baddie is a volunteer member of
the organization and is free to leave or deny most
orders without any repercussions. If they betray the
group such as by killing another member they are
to be executed. However executions must first
have the approval of the Final Boss.

Rank: Bugs
Rank Description: Unofficial members.
These would include people such as hit men or informants.

Proxies of "The Young Teacher"

Rank: Final Boss

Ryan Niles

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